Needle bearing

Needle bearings are roller bearings, that in comparison to cylindrical roller bearings also handle linear loads between the bearing rings and rolling element but are of compact design.

A combined load, meaning radial an axial load combined, is not transferable over needles. Because of this, combined needle bearings were developed to find their application as units in machine tools and gears. Certain needle cages are used, that run on hardened body components and do not require roller bearing rings, to design bearing positions at low space available.

If it is not possible to harden body components, usually a special design of the needle bearing, the cup needle bearing, is used. Cup needle bearings consist of a needle cage and a deep-drawn, coated steel cup.

STI manufactures the various needle bearing types and advise you at choosing and development of the appropriate type.

  • Needle cages
  • Needle sleeves
  • Cup needle bearing
  • Massive needle bearing
  • Axial needle bearing