We deliver two types of cages:

  • Massive cages
  • Pressed cages

Massive cages

Massive cages are made from steel, aluminum, polyamide, or phenol resin.
Metal cages are used for higher rotational frequencies resp. higher loads, that occur during high accelerations or extreme temperatures.

Plastic cages are a good combination of elasticity and stiffness. The application area can be individually adjusted by the selection of suited materials. Low weight, good grindability, good failsafe running abilities, and favorable material price are the features of this cage type. The BASF material A3HG5 is the established standard material for injection molded cages, which has the nature color brown.

Pressed cages

Pressed cages are standardly made of steel sheets. Depending on the bearing type pressed cages are primarily produced as lobe cage or steel cage with rivets. Pre-inserted rivets in one half of the cage rationalize the mounting process.

Pressed cages are lighter compared to massive cages and provide a more compact design.
Special designs are usually financially interesting at higher quantities because of higher tool costs. We can give you a distinct advantage with our favorable tools.